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Erwin Van Gorp: music therapist

Since 1984, I have been working as a music therapist at GielsBos, a community for people with profound mental or multiple handicaps.

I Use my knowledge of music in treating disabled people at several locations. I have been doing research in the field of using music with or by disabled people, resulting in multiple productions, workshops and seminars. I presently working together with rett children.

In my work with mentally disabled people, the use of music takes a central place, as it offers numerous possibilities within the context of music therapy and means to make music together.

Over the years, I have developed a unique method to allow these people to make music. IN 1997, I worked together with the Philharmonia Orchestra and GielsBos inhabitants under the direction of composer Duncan Chapman.

Together with the Drake research project in London and the University of York, I have been doing research in the field of using music and technology together with or by disabled people, resulting in multiple productions, workshops and seminars and culminating in a cooperation with Roland Benelux in 1995.highoy;.

From 1990 until 1997 I worked in the focusgroup of “music and disability”, and I am presently working together with FECO (First Europeon Color Orchestra).

Within Indigo, a development and observation centre for the disabled, I direct a music band project for autistic people.

I teach music therapy at the post graduate training program for creative therapy in Gent.

In Juin 2005 I took part in the preselections for Eurosong 2005, which, together with “Peter & Co”, a disabled people music band, we won with the song “maak muziek uit je hart” (make music from your hart). In collaboration with PietRoelen, Helmut Lotti’s manager, we recorded a videoclip and cd of the song. On November 18, 2005 ,we performed the song at the European Songfestival for people with an intellectual disability in Grazz, and came out second place.

To date, Erwin Van Gorp musical coach and accompanist of the pop group Briezz. Through a unique musical method. Briezz is a new, original music group and the first Orchestra of persons with disabilities that operates autonomously. They create their own compositions and lyrics and play fairly independently under the supervision of Erwin Van Gorp. Behind Briezz is a pronounced form of inclusion. For info: 

Concerts for disabled people

Erwin Van Gorp: performer for and with disabled people

The aim is to provide concerts for people with limited abilities in numerous kinds of care facilities, and to make these people partake in the musical voyage. The creation of a basic environment, a feeling of security and trust, is essential. Every concert is a process of its own, during which I try to carefully build towards the “moment of surrender” . To accomplish this, I want to play and work as a musician, but to watch and think as a therapist. In the process we use always music.


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