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Erwin is available as a speaker and teacher in Belgium Netherlands as both for giving presentations, lectures, workshops and classes. Erwin shares during such meetings his specialties with passion and enthusiasm. This both in group and individually. Below is an overview of his offer:

-      In an individual program I want to offer the opportunity to learn to play the bansuri, a classical Indian music instrument . ( Bansuri: wind instrument; tranverse flute made of bamboo ). You can take private lessons.

-       I can offer my experience on teaching songwriting with disabled people. Over the years I have developed a unique method to allow these people to make music.

-       In collaboration with Briezz, a disabled people music band I can give workshops and lessons on the subject: “ songwriting with disabled peple.”

-       Workshops by Erwin Van Gorp are given to teachers, to organisations , schools and institutions.

-       Teaching post in Indian music (raga analysis, bansuri and tala) at the “Jazzstudio Antwerp”.

In our multicultural society, interest in world music in on increase. I want to introduce the development of the taste for world music. In my study package, you will be introduced to the classical music of Nothern India.

You can find all the information on the following webside:




Within Indigo, a development and observation centre for the disabled, I direct a music band project for autistic people. I teach their music instrument 

As a music theory teacher at the violin school “Kortjakje”, I teach young children from the age of three onwards to develop musical attitudes.

I teach music therapy at the post graduate training program for creative therapy in Gent.


From September 2OO4 onwards, I teach at the Jazzstudio Antwerp, department Indian Music.



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